Effects of Poverty On Impatience
Preferences or Inattention?


Bartos, Vojtech (LMU Munich)
Bauer, Michal (CERGE-EI and Institute of Economic Studies)
Chytilova, Julie (Institute of Economic Studies)
Levely, Ian (Wageningen University)


We study two psychological channels how poverty may increase impatient behavior — an effect on time preference and reduced attention. We measured discount rates among Ugandan farmers who made decisions about when to enjoy entertainment instead of working. We find that experimentally induced thoughts about poverty-related problems increase the preference to consume entertainment early and delay work. The effect is equivalent to a 27 p.p. increase in the intertemporal rate of substitution. Using monitoring tools similar to eye tracking, a novel feature for this subject pool, we show this effect is not due to a lower ability to sustain attention.


poverty; scarcity; time discounting; preferences; inattention; decision-making process



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Effects of Poverty On Impatience
Preferences or Inattention?
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